Making it Through

I made it through a holiday weekend with no drinking! Not even a hard craving! Yes!!!!

Sure, it might have helped that we were so busy. Friday, I visited my uncle in the rest home then met my husband, son, and sister out for dinner. Saturday, my family spent the day at the pool then the evening entertaining my father-in-law. Sunday, while my husband golfed, I took the kids over to my younger sister’s house then met up with my parents to celebrate Father’s Day in the evening. A crazy weekend, you bet. But! And a very big but! I didn’t not have one cocktail! As everyone tipped back the drinks around me, I happily sipped from my new favorite mocktail, nick-named the “Beachy Breeze” (Diet Sprite, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine.) My daughter and I LOVED it!

I woke up both Saturday and Sunday morning feeling good. Rested. I made it to the gym on Saturday and church on Sunday. I got sooooooo much done around the house, even with our hectic schedule. I cleaned, did laundry, trimmed our yews, watered plants, etc. I gave my husband a GREAT Father’s Day. He didn’t have to lift a finger. When I went to bed last night? I felt extremely blessed. Proud. There was no middle-of-the-night self loathing. There was no hangover to start my workweek. I’m here. It’s a Monday. And I’ve had loads of energy (okay, with the help of a little coffee) to get through everything that’s needed to be done.

This past weekend has again shown me that I can do this. I can live an alcohol free life and still have fun. There is nothing I missed out on…, except the ill affects of drinking. I laughed just as much, told as many stories, socialized just like everybody else. And I was able to keep my wits about me. I was true. Authentic. I can honestly say that I think I had a BETTER time than I would have if I’d been imbibing. I watched those boozing it up around me, I saw them get that initial jolt of “happiness,” but then spend the rest of their night chasing it. I saw them crashed out at the end.

No, thanks! I’m glad I passed!

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